WTS-BS Bed Steps ** Allow 4 to 6 Weeks

WTS-BS Bed Steps ** Allow 4 to 6 Weeks

Made in the USA

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For our independent ‘little’ guests, we keep these handy Bed Steps nearby so they can climb up all by themselves.Functions as a bedside stand to hold your cup of tea & favorite book. We also keep a set of Steps in our kitchen for those hard to reach upper cabinets. Aged Red over Black. 15" wide by 13" high by 11½" deep. 

**PLEASE NOTE: This item ships in 4 to 6 weeks, direct from our artisan's workshop.  If you order thru our website, your credit card WILL be charged NOW in full and the item will ship as soon as it becomes available.  

If you'd prefer to NOT have your credit card charged until the time of shipment, please call us toll free to order at 888-887-1820.